Our Focus

Integrated Business-to-Business Marketing Solutions

All too often advertising professionals experienced in marketing consumer products apply the same strategies and techniques to companies selling to other businesses. The result can mean poorly drafted selling appeals lacking in inspiration and motivation. Equally distressing are those messages missing the inherent drama of the product but instead resort to product shots and features that are both uninspired and lame.

Pinpointing the elemental interest that resides within a technically complicated product or service is not easy. Much research and evaluation is needed, and quite often it requires rolled-up sleeves and hands-on investigation to find the answers.

Our experience working with many business to business clients has given us a solid foundation in preparing advertising that is both creative and effective. Understanding the product or service and how it interrelates with the customer takes hard work. Knowing how to condense feature after product feature into a single word or phrase that positions the product is harder still. Finding that special interest is not always easy but it's there if you know where to look.

Our Driving Force

Branding: Creation, Planning and Management

It can be called many things including Brand Stewardship, Total Branding or Account Planning. These are all names used to articulate the special way a brand may be developed and communicated. Regardless of the technique, it all amounts to brand building and nurturing.

Most people associate brands with consumer products like McDonalds, Crest, Coke, Chrysler or any of the thousands of names that permeate our lives each day. It's ironic, however, that many companies manufacturing and selling to other business attach little significance to branding building of their own unique products or service.

Creating a brand means building and consummating a trust with the customer. A brand is a name, logo or other outward symbol used to identify the product. It is also the collection of benefits and expectations demanded by the product purchaser. Customers reward trust through repeat purchases and product loyalty.

Gregis Advertising is dedicated to the building of our client's brands. We believe in building brand identity through careful evaluation of the product and competition– analyzing the customers, and profiling how they interact with the product.

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